Concert of Spiritual Music, Rosa Mystica


On Sunday the 6th of August 2017 The House of Bethany, a spiritual centre for tourists in Veli Losinj, held a Concert of spiritual music, dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, titled Rosa Mystica. Two religious sisters of The Merciful Sisters of the Cross, Mihovila Tenžer, piano and Josipa Pavla Jakić, piano and soprano, performed at the concert. They played and sang the works of the great masters of spiritual music: A. Wilscher, H. Grollman, W. A. Mozart, J. Arcadelt, Diabelli, L. van Beethoven and others. The courtyard of the House of Bethany with 160 seats was too small to receive all the interested visitors, so the rest of them occupied the stone benches and low walls or simply remained standing. The wonderful perfomance by Srs. Tenžera and Jakić of the great old masters and the rendering of Sr. Jakić’s lyrical soprano was breathtaking to the audience, filling them with the spirit of the sacred. Indeed, that evening the heaven came down and filled the hearts of those present who were listening with amazing care. The whole audience also joined in the singng of the refrain of Omnes Laudate Gentes and Mary’s Magnificat. The concert was dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary and it was the beginning of the novena of evening prayers in honour of Our Lady of Assumption, organised by the House of Bethany. Indeed this was no conventional concert but a true spiritual event, where souls were burning, some maybe only smouldering, but none was left untouched.