Concert of Classical Music, in Honour of Our Lady of Assumption


In the House of Bethany, the spiritual centre for tourists, Veli Lošinj, on Sunday the 13th of August 2017, before Our Lady of Assumption day, a gala concert of classical music was held in honour of Our Lady of Assumption. The concert was organised by
the House of Bethany at the proposal of the musicians, the members of the family Gašparović from Zagreb, and Tanja Ruždjak, the soprano solo, of the Croatian National Theatre.
The event was held in the most wonderful ambiance in the courtyard of the House of Bethany where century old palms touch the deep blue skies with the brightest stars! This was the venue where the classical musicians from Zagreb, already well known to the classical music lovers, performed: Professor Ljubomir Gašparović, piano, Professor Iva Konjevod, hapsichord and piano, Professor Danijel Gašparović, piano, pupil Antonio Gašparović, flute and Tanja Ruždjak, soprano solo of the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb. By professionally impeccable and deeply spiritual rendering of the programme the musicians not only delighted the public but also aroused the spiritual and the sacred that every good music conceals. It is precisely for this reason that this concert also transcended the merely musical into the truly spiritual event! This makes all the musical events of the House of Bethany, Veli Lošinj, different from other music events on the Island of Lošinj. You can view the programme HERE. The Concert was dedicated to the honour of Our Lady of Assumption and it was the gift of the musicions to all the visitors, confirmed by Professor Ljubomir Gašparović and his son Danijel: “Freely we have received the talents, freely we give of them!” Indeed, for the sheer joy and spiritual growth of others! They truly deserve our praise, admiration and sincere gratutude.